Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My business trip to Pacy, France

Hi Debbie, Jillian and Nicholas,
Here are the picture from the trip so far in Pacy, France. A different picture of the front lawn of the hotel, and also of the Eure river. You can see Ron Naismith, Bruce Dunbar and Bill LeRette (from left to right).
The hotel L'Etape is at a beautiful spot. It was built in 1769 as someone's home. There are also pictures from the afternoon on the first day we arrived. We took a walk to a park that's just a block from main street, with views of the river and the gardens. Nice, huh?

We stopped to get a sandwich and a pastry at a boulangerie (bakery). I got a small ham and butter sub sandwich, an apricot tart (very tasty) and a blackberry soda. I thought the tart looked a little like a pineapple, but it was apricots. The shops in France all do a great job with their displays. Here's a picture of the bakery window and display case inside. Both look good, don't they?

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