Thursday, September 25, 2008

Morning in Normandy

Hi Debbie, Jillian, Nicholas,

Here's a short video showing the view from my room this morning. The white roof you see is the tent of the outdoor restaurant area in front of the hotel. It's a typical fall day in Normandy, a little gray and rainy. I guess the weather here (since it's fairly close to the ocean) is often like this in the fall.

I can hear the sound of church bells from the old cathedral now, coming through the open window. A nice sound.

Time to head to work.

See you, Love,

PS I posted the video after supper. We had another good day at work today, and finished up our visit here. We leave tomorrow for the Schneider office in Bourgebus, France, for a 1 day visit with another project team there. After work tomorrow, we head to Paris to the hotel "Le Meridien".

Here are the directions from Pacy to Bourgebus:,+France&geocode=&dirflg=&saddr=pacy,+france&f=d&sll=49.121298,-0.295601&sspn=0.14133,0.411644&ie=UTF8&z=9
Zoom out and you can see where we are in France, and in relation to England. It's not far from the English Channel (or as they call it in France "La Manche", which means "the sleeve").

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