Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My 3rd day in Pacy

Hi Debbie, Jillian, Nicholas -

I had some time before dinner tonight, so I went for a walk, and crossed over the bridge near the hotel. This was the first time I walked across the bridge toward that part of Pacy. Here's a picture that shows the best view of the hotel.

Here's a picture of the Schneider office in Pacy. This office is a joint venture of Schneider and Toshiba (from Japan), and that's why it has both names.

There are a lot of interesting old houses. Here is one I saw on my walk today. What's especially neat is that the turret on the right ends rather abruptly. There is a driveway next door, and the turret ends like it was cut in half!

We had a regular dinner today - pizza! I had a salad Nicoise to start with, which is good since I've been eating too much rich food on the trip so far!

Hope you're all well,

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