Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Into The Mystic Pint (or My Ode to Guinness)

Into The Mystic Pint

Ah, The Guinness.
Another fine draw of the mystic pint.
Whether ‘tis nobler when poured in the glass,
or when poured down the throat,
‘tis a question to ponder indeed,
said one barrister to the other.
But ‘tis not such a conundrum
so worthy of debate at the bar
as long as there be
another bottle on the wall, of said bar.
Or even better
another keg in the cellar, of said bar.
And at said bar, what a fine judge you are!
Truly noble indeed!
Yes, thank you, dear friend,
I would take another draw.
‘Twould be a mistake to ponder further.

Ah, The Guinness!
Another fine draw of the mystic pint!
Magnificently we will flow
into the mystic indeed.

Mark Bohrer
January 2015  North Andover, Mass.