Sunday, March 7, 2010

A great read! "Variable Star" by Robert Heinlein & Spider Robinson

I just finished the novel "Variable Star" by Robert Heinlein & Spider Robinson. It was written by Spider Robinson in 2005 based on detailed notes that Heinlein made in 1955. I thought it was very well done, very entertaining. I haven't read very many Spider Robinson books, and several decades since I have, so it's hard for me to identify his voice versus Heinlein's. There were some clear differences (with the wordplay and humor) that were not typical of Heinlein, but I heard Heinlein's voice clearly and saw much of Heinlein's style and approach to storytelling.

Robinson quoted a passage from Jewish mystic Shlomo Carlebach that gave me a shiver. He used it in a different context, but it made me think of where we stand in dealing with the environmental crisis:

We are this season's people.
We are all the people there are, this season.
If we blow it, it's blown.

I wish it weren't so.

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