Saturday, October 10, 2020

When You Knelt and Kissed The Stage At Madison Square Garden

The Word from the Corner
There is something I really like about artists who - no matter how amazing their gifts or abilities - are most in touch with what inspires THEM. And find ways to express that. Last fall we saw Brandi Carlile at Madison Square Garden. At the start of the concert, she paid respect to the place, the history of the performers before her, the audience, to the art of performance, to the music. This poem was inspired by Brandi and band that night.

When You Knelt and Kissed The Stage At Madison Square Garden

Today is your first headline show
We are in this hall
Hallowed by music
Music that raised the rafters above
We still hear the echo

I bow before no one Though I worship the ground On which you walk I tell myself again I will not bow Before you You and twins and band bound onstage To cheers, applause, the roar I am with the multitude Then you stop You kneel facing us You kneel to the stage You kiss the stage I know what you’re doing I know what this is You bow before the holy You hear the echoes of the voices Hallowing this place You kiss the stage Now I wish to bow I bow Only before the god That you bow before Who is your god? Who is your muse? We seek the same god We seek the same muse In the hall tonight You kiss the stage You join the multitude Let us pray

Thank you Brandi Carlile and band for that night
Yes, she did this
Madison Square Garden, New York City September 14, 2019

PS This show was the first time my wife and I saw Brandi Carlile perform. It was the beginning for us of many shows hearing and appreciating Brandi and band.