Saturday, October 10, 2020

Your Muse - Poem - The Word from the Corner

The Word from the Corner
There is something I really like about artists who - no matter how amazing their gifts or abilities - are most in touch with what inspires THEM. And find ways to express that. Last fall we saw Brandi Carlile at Madison Square Garden. When she took the stage with her band, she bounded to center stage in front of the cheering crowd - and before a note was played - she knelt down, facing the audience, and kissed the stage. What a beautiful act! She paid respect to the place, the history of the performers before her, the audience, to the art of performance, to the music. I have a poem in the works about that night last September (hey, what's the rush), but yesterday evening this one came to me, inspired by the same thought. To echo a great teacher, in life, may you be inspired, and be inspiring!
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Your Muse

I bow before no one
Though I worship the ground
On which you walk

As you step onto the stage
I will not bow
Before you

But I wish to bow
Before the god
That you bow before

Who is your god?
Who is your muse?
Let us pray