Sunday, November 21, 2021

Surprised (poem)


God is surprised 
by what takes place.
Aren’t you?
The next turn of events,
God knows not.
He wants to find out.
Don’t you?
Otherwise, She might say,
what would be the point?
If there was no choice about it,
God would not want that world –
if it were all pre-ordained, pre-cast.
So instead – 
God is surprised.

It’s so much more fun
to know not
how the dice will finish their roll.
Will good come out on top?
Or will it need another try?
God wants to find out.
Don’t you? 
That’s the reason 
All was started.
God wanted to find out
what this world might be – 
if given the chance.
What we might be – 
if given the choice.

Isn’t it surprising that God – 
All Knowing, All Powerful,
All Omniscient, All Omnipotent – 
Yah, yah, we’ve heard all of that, all of that –
so isn’t it surprising
that what happens next,
God knows not.
Think about it – 
when we say that God 
has infinite knowledge and power – 
it’s like saying that the ocean 
is infinitely wet
just because it holds all the water.

God is still surprised.
Even with all of this all-ness,
God needs to let it play out – 
wants to see what happens.
And hopes someday
to be pleasantly surprised
when good comes out on top.

September 2014 North Andover, Mass.
Copyright by Mark Bohrer

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