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The real thing we call God (poem)

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I write a number of poems about God, which is a little weird since I'm not sure I believe in God. To be philosophical, I do believe in Love and Justice as informing principles of the world, as creative essences of reality, the fundamental reality, as real as sunlight, quarks and dark energy. So yes, I believe in God. And of course, so goes the joke, I'm glad that God believes in me.
I read this one last night at Lee Eric Freedman's ReachArts/Swampscott First Friday Open Mic, a great open mic, with poetry & music.
I wrote this in December 2019 - before Covid. Strangely, it makes more sense now. May it serve. Peace.

The real thing we call God

The real thing we call God keeps reappearing reappearing every time we give up reappearing every time we say God help me, I can’t go on Every time we are worn out by the friction of other people saying no purpose, no purpose worn out by the friction of life worn out by the friction of ourselves
saying no purpose, no purpose Wait in the field of dust in the field of dust, wait let the rain fall let it clear the dust let it clear the field let the water run
let the river run let it carry you to the quiet let the silt find its place let the water find its home let the water clear let the water still wait wait When we stand or sit empty empty of this life when we carry nothing but this heavy emptiness when we carry nothing the real thing appears God God thank you How can God appear out of nothing? wait wait

--Mark Bohrer December 2019

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