Sunday, November 21, 2021

Church Hour (poem)

Church Hour

This one hour
This view from the center
A feeling of movement all around
But here, this calm center
Around which everything pivots
The center of this week
The center of this wheel
The center holds
I feel it now
Centripetal force now
Not the common opposite
Here things don’t fly apart
They come together
Like the sun with his careful hold
On those wanderers in the far sky
He holds, she holds, they hold
The spirit holds
This calming center
Such jovial gravity 
Fills and holds this quiet center
All at once
Joyous, brimming, bursting, buzzing
Glowing, swelling, soaring, singing

June 2014 North Andover, Mass.

Copyright by Mark Bohrer

PS This was written on a church bulletin while sitting in South Church before the Sunday service started, listening to the choir and organist rehearse, the indistinct background talk of friends greeting one another, the swirl of people gathering in faith. If you ever see me scribbling notes while sitting in church, it's usually because something has inspired me! I shared this poem with Pastor Dana, and then had the privilege and joy of reading it a few months later in front of the church as part of service!

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