Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Word from the Corner - Moonset by Carl Sandburg

The Word from the Corner

published on The North Andover Poets Corner:

Not quite spring, is it? My early mornings up for work are still dark. We had a short season of mud, but now we're back to frozen ground. Which is not all bad.
A light in the darkness is a symbol of hope, even salvation, but does that mean the darkness is bad? Does the night give its own guidance?
One of my poems has this line: " if I needed the dark to see in front of me." Are there times when this is true?

Here's a poem by Carl Sandburg that somehow touches on this. It's from his collection "Cornhuskers", published in 1918.
The Tuesday4 Poetry open mic is this Tuesday! Going with these thoughts, the theme will be "Darkness, Shadow, Night". Bring a poem on this theme, or another that speaks to you. Tues 7PM at Stevens Memorial Library, North Andover.
In light or dark, may you find your way. Peace.
PS Next month is National Poetry Month. I hope you can come to our "Spring Into Poetry" event on April 26 at The Stevens Estate!

Moonset by Carl Sandburg

Leaves of poplars pick Japanese prints against the west. 
Moon sand on the canal doubles the changing pictures. 
The moon’s good-by ends pictures. 
The west is empty. All else is empty. No moon-talk at all now. 
Only dark listening to dark.

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