Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Word from the Corner - Marching Band by Brie Carter

The Word from the Corner I'm fresh from the marching band competition yesterday at North Andover High School - 16 HS and 2 college bands played and marched and performed. What a show. I love the smaller bands, but it's the biggest ones with more than 100 band and color guard performers that really amaze. Found a poem that captured one of those times, from the HS student's perspective, from the field. Enjoy. __________________________________________ Marching Band - by Brie Carter As the snare clicks My feet hit the ground Steady with the beat I can't look around To see the large crowd All eyes on us With an audience this size We better not mess up The adrenaline's pumping I'm ready to go We stand at attention Waiting to start the show The drum major counts off And the music starts We sound just fine The beat matches my heart I can smell the night air And the fresh cut grass on the field The best smells in the world To match the weapons we wield Friday night lights Go well with the band As we finish up The audience claps and then stands Mark time mark We march off to our seats My uniform is uncomfortably tight But I must say, our band is pretty sweet _________________________________________

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