Tuesday, October 14, 2008

35' Pin Oak Moved - Successfully!

When we started work on our addition, we knew that it was going to be closer than we liked to a 35' pin oak in our backyard. The 29x22' addition ended up only about 8' from the base of the tree. We weren't sure what we were going to do, but once we knew we were getting solar panels, we knew eventually we'd have to do something. That meant either moving it or cutting it down. We weren't sure it was possible to move a tree this large, but we found someone who could do it. The company is Michael Greeno Tree Spade Services, based out of Concord MA. We hired him to move the tree to the lower part of the yard. The work was done last Thursday 10/9. Here are the pictures before, during and after.
PS In the first picture, if you look on the roof to the right of the tree, you can see the photovoltaic solar panels.


  1. What was the cost for such a tree move?

  2. Hi Dustin,

    We moved 4 trees to different spots on our property for $3500. The 35' pin oak was the biggest of the 4. The others were roughly 20' tall, and only needed a smaller clamshell truck. The other truck was like the clamshell in these pictures, just smaller. So Michael Greeno actually brought 2 trucks that day. The smaller truck was used because it could more easily navigate on the property.

    By the way all 4 trees survived. Michael said that about 9 out of 10 trees as large as the 35' one survive. However the 35' tree is not as healthy as the smaller ones, I think because it was transplanted twice in it's life. We had it first planted on our property by a landscaper when it was probably 15' feet tall. Then we planned an addition that came to close to it, and had to decide whether to cut it down or have it moved.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Can you give us an update on the pin oak? Did it survive?

  4. Yes it did. It is doing fine. Are you planning something similar?

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