Sunday, January 2, 2022

Unequal Or Equal (poem)

Unequal or Equal
Here's my protest poem -
In memory of Blaine Hebbel. With thanks. Nobody did what you did.
Do you mind if I tip the scales, press a thumb, place a weight on the balance of my side? It will tip my way – Is that ok? Do you mind? Do you mind if I start the race halfway to the prize? Why, we still have the same chance – We start the same. We stand side by side. Ready? You have two laps to go. If I have but one
Do you mind? Do you mind if my house is on this side of the tracks? I really don’t do well with smoke. Do you mind? If things are
“equaled up” – do I have to give you what’s already mine?
Is that
what you say? If you get won’t you take this and that from me and mine? If you get won’t I have to give? Would that
be fair? If we don’t
Do you mind? Oh, and by the way if someone asks about this unequal-equal thing – I never said this. We never spoke. Do you mind? 1/2/2022 North Andover
Blaine Hebbel
in 2018 at the Walnut Street Cafe

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