Saturday, June 30, 2018

You Should Go Where You're Going (poem)

You Should Go Where You’re Going

         (A rap: all in a rush, breathless)
I met some other people –
The people that I thought were the same,
turned out to be different,
and the people that I thought were different,
turned out to be the same.
Which threw me for a loop,
‘cuz I was ready to join their troop.
But what troop was that?
The people who were the same
I wasn’t sure I liked ‘em anymore,
but the people who were different
instead of wanting to dislike ‘em,
now they were fourscore, yeah, fourscore.
They were cool. Turns out, we went to the same school.
I was all mixed up. What is this? Am I now grown-up?
Maybe it wasn’t so bad. But after all these years, I been had?
Still I wasn’t sure, so I turned to her, and if you can’t trust her
who can you trust? She said I was – that I was – 
well you know, that it was good, it was good, and besides,
you should trust what’s right, inside, outside,
listen to what’s right, don’t fight,
don’t fight what comes to you,
when you learn something new,
for you might learn something new
when you meet some other people.
 (Brakes on, full stop)
Yeah –
Yeah –
I met some other people.

North Andover  June 2018

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