Monday, April 16, 2018

Connected (poem)


Every pore
every cell
every breath
every heartbeat
connects me to all that is.
When I spin,
is it I who turn?
or is the entire world turning
around my stillness?
I am here with all my kin
only separated by this thin veil of time
only separated by this thin veil.
You touch the whole world.
The whole world touches you.
You are inseparable.
You are one.
Go forth and act
knowing the power you have

April 2017  Johns Island, South Carolina


  1. Good stuff Mark! I've recently been listening to an educational series on Relativity and Quantum physics. So I've been pondering particles, waves, time, frames of reference etc. This poem makes me think of that, including the "Is it I that turn?" part. One of these days I'll have to have a good long discussion with you about physics.. oh, and poetry too. ..hmm..or is that the same thing?

  2. Physics and poetry are often the same thing...